Welcome to my site!

If you are a woman or man looking for life direction and to be inspired, you are in the wrong place. But, stay awhile and have a laugh.

Thirty is the new 20 was created to share some of my life journeys and break the silence on the fairytale we were told at a young age that we would have our shit together by now. They fucking lied my friend.

I am a 33 year old fantastic human living in New Orleans. I am passionate about dogs, skincare, and all things that amuse me.

I work as an Esthetician and I also work for a non-profit dog rescue. I have a chaotic life and want to share my world with other adults that don’t have their shit together. Strength in numbers.

Nothing in this blog should be taken too seriously. It is meant to lighten the mood surrounding some heavy topics. Have fun exploring the site and if there is anything you would like to chat about, you can reach out to me at thirtyisthenew20blog@gmail.com











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