Dog Friendly New Orleans

If you have a dog and live in New Orleans, there are quite a few places to go to have fun with your furry pal. I am going to talk about a few places that I have enjoyed going with dogs. I want to state what I feel is the obvious, I only recommend taking your pet to these types of places if they are comfortable, well behaved, and tolerant of stupid dog owners who allow their pets to behave poorly. I have only brought one of my personal dogs to these places ONCE and I quickly learned that this is not the right path for my dogs because they have personality quirks. These are places I like to bring dogs from the rescue that are about to be adopted so they can get more comfortable with outside life. Again, this is not for every dog and you need to advocate for your dog.. so don’t be stupid. None of the places listed have sponsored this review or given any sort of free/discounted items….. But, if they want to offer me anything in the future, let me know. I love free beer. It has literally never happened but I am hoping for the day.

First on my list is Bayou Beer Garden. I spent a great deal of time at University Medical Center this year visiting a friend. This was a very convenient place to grab a drink before or after each visit. My favorite thing about this place was our bartender, Colleen. She was our girl. She knew us by name and she took care of us. She knew what was happening in our lives and would ask about our friend. When he passed away, she seemed just as devastated as we did. They have an AMAZING beer selection. Good tap selection and good can and bottle selection. They offer snacks, but I only ate there once. It was just quick type fried items but they were decent. I do believe they have a pretty detailed menu but I didn’t go there for the food if you know what I mean. The outdoor patio section is enormous. You can enter from the front or back. There are a few bars outside so you don’t have to worry about leaving your dog to grab a drink. It is shaded by tarps for the summer heat and there are plenty of dog bowls. It is a big enough place that you can sit away from other dogs if need be. I wanted to hate this place because it isn’t close to my house but it’s great.

Next is Markey’s Bar located in the Bywater on Louisa and Royal next to The Country Club. This is a small dive bar and has outdoor seating that is right on the sidewalk. You will most definitely come in contact with other dogs going for their daily walks and people who will want to touch your dog but are not of sound mind. This place is low key, has a lot of regulars, and a decent beer selection. They have a full bar and serve food. This is one place where owners let their dogs come straight up to your dog because they aren’t paying attention. Drinks are reasonably priced and they have shuffleboard. It is definitely worth a look.

Parleaux Beer Lab is very dog friendly. You can bring your pal inside with you and they also have a pretty large outdoor area. It has limited taps only. There is no liquor and very limited non-alcoholic drinks. I have a few gripes about this place but that is not to say that it may be a positive for others. We were some of their first customers when they opened and went there daily with dogs. We loved it. When they got more popular we noticed some changes. There is no diversity at all. This actually made things very boring to me. I want people from all economic backgrounds. It seemed like things became geared more towards upper class people. I can’t blame a business for going with what makes them the most money, but it just didn’t feel like a good fit for me personally at that point. There are a plethora of dogs that go to this place. It is very fun for well-behaved pooches and it’s great to see the dogs interact. They have dedicated days for dog parents to encourage them to bring their pup which I love.

Urban South Brewery is pretty well known in the community. I personally enjoy their beer quite a bit. There are not a great deal of tap houses in this city. I am spoiled from living in San Diego where we had a tap house on every corner. This is a relatively large place. There is plenty of seating for you and your pooch. You can put plenty of distance between other guests. This place is kid friendly. I don’t own those but for those that do, you can bring them along. They do have games which is awesome and helps keep things interesting. My biggest positive for this place is there actual beer. I enjoy quite a few of their beers. Usually, there are only a few beers that I will actually like but I can drink many of their beers. The downside for me is that it is far from my house.

Pizza Delicious is a local pizza joint that has pizza and other yummy items. It is New York style pizza which means it’s huge. I like most of their menu items and have tried just about everything. I like that they try to do things on a more local level when it comes to their food and beverages. Downside is that the line sometimes is long and dogs aren’t allowed indoors (for obvious reasons) so you will need two people in order to place your order. The outdoor area is not large but what I do like is that there are two ways to exit in case your dog starts to act a fool and you need to hightail it out of there. Beer selection is small but decent. They only offer a few cocktails. But, kiddies are also welcome here as well. My faves are the cheese pizza, Caesar salad, and salted chocolate chip cookies.

Happy exploring everyone. Let me know in the comments some of your favorite places. Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries! Click Here!




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